• Gold and Silver ink on canvas - Diwani Script - 2x1 meter

  • Gold ink on canvas - Illumination - 2x1 meter

  • Engraved wood with Aluminum leaf treatment - Thuluth Script

  • Ink on canvas - Thuluth Script - 2x1 meter

  • Gold leaf on canvas - Thuluth Script - 2x1 meter

  • Red Copper Plated Steel - Coffee table Detail

Customisable Arabic Calligraphy Artifacts

A love for an age-old divine art form, that was embraced, polished and perfected.

1. Find something you like

Pick a product from my gallery, or come up with your own item or idea for an object purely based on your preference.

2. Find some words you like

Famous phrases, sayings or poems. It could be the names of your kids or family. Find it in Arabic, or let us translate it for you.

3. Let me work my magic

I will turn your item into a piece of art, a nice memory for you to cherish and flaunt. Some of the simplest things in life are priceless.

4. Have it delivered

Your finished piece can be delivered to your destination of choice. Payment upon delivery. It is always fulfilling to invest in beauty.

What started as a simple gift for my wife, turned into an array of pulsating Artifacts.


Mabsam for Narghileh

Personalise your hookah with this elegant and easy to carry mouth piece.

Lighter Case

Enjoy a fashionable zippo case creating a unique piece with beautiful contrast.

Phone Cover

Protect your valuable phone in style. Fashionable and sturdy.

Money Clip

Your money clip now has a unique look, appealing yet highly functional.

Home Deco

Coffee Table

A centerpiece in any home or office, featuring elegance and style.

Broken Pottery

From the Japanese art of Kintsugi, repairing broken pottery with Gold, a great home deco art piece.

Wine Carafe

A wine carafe that sets the mood for a romantic evening, can also double as a vase.


Choose from our collection of calligraphic masterpieces, pure forms and intricate details.


Cigar Case

A calligraphic cigar case that stands out in any occasion, and is downright a collectible.

Tie Clip

Showcase your own sense of style, a piece of mystique and intrigue.


Share the ethereal art of calligraphy on a special occasion, a noble and elegant script.

Calligraphic Egg

A Fabergé-esque egg that is a unique collectible. A great display item, gift or wedding favor.

Calligraphy Styles

    The Thuluth Script
   One or the most austere rules and proportions govern this elegant and interlacing script.

   The Diwani Script
   A condensed script that retains a lot of curvature and highly decorative

   The Farisi Script
   Persian in origin, highlights horizontal movement and contrast of small and large letters

   The Kufi Script
   A geometric script used for ornamentation of architectural edifices, based on ninety degree angles letters in blocks.