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About the Founder

After attaining his Bachelors in Graphic Design at the American University of Beirut, Omar Safa opened his design studio FLUID for branding and brand consultancy with special emphasis on font design and Arabic adaptation. Omar used every opportunity to expand his Arabic calligraphy knowledge and know-how and tried to incorporate this in his everyday design.

"I have been fascinated with Arabic Calligraphy for a long time. After meeting and working with several calligraphers over the years, I fell in love with calligraphy and started learning. Now I dedicate this space for calligraphic innovation and collaboration."

Art Direction

Omar giving art direction on a calligrapher's work, in preparation for the exhibition.

Work Shop

Often, the work is done at the workshop, for best outcome as per the specifications.


Omar doing some calligraphy work, in this case for a commissioned tattoo design.

Hand Made

Most of our items involve a delicate hand made process done by professionals.

About the Atelier

The opportunity came when FLUID organised an Arabic Calligraphy Exhibit featuring 19 prominent Lebanese and Syrian Calligraphers, the first of its kind. The enthusiasm it created was harnessed and resulted in several collaborations on various projects. Now, the space is dedicated to experimentation with material and techniques, that have only been perfected due to the extensive experimentation. Every item is assessed from sketch to production, to maintain a quality of divine balance. Most of the work is manual and the products are handmade. The approach is very hands-on resulting in countless hours for each and every item to achieve the most desirable effect. Utilising age-old techniques of gold-leaf-application to the cutting edge technology of 3D printing, the Atelier pushes many of the boundaries set by ink and paper that define traditional calligraphic art. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so we will let you be the judge.

Calligraphy Set

The right tools for the right job. Same tools used as done by the olden calligraphers.


Applying the artist's vision sometimes require innovative techniques.

Gold Leaf

Made from real gold, meticulous gold leaf application is an art of its own.


An example of seasonal greetings made with calligraphy, in an artistic rendition.

Working with the Atelier

Our Atelier has had many a successful collaboration; providing calligraphy for artists like Iyad Naja for his IN collection; providing commissioned art for collectors like Bassim El Halabi; and is currently art-directing the works of artist Fadi El Awayed to launch his first solo exhibition in Beirut by our Atelier.

An important part of our mission is to spread this rich Arab and Oriental Heritage through Calligraphy. To that end we schedule intermittent workshops in calligraphy and give several lectures to propagate this heritage. We encourage cross-cultural ideas and the coming together of people from different backgrounds to produce eternal beauty through the art form of Arabic Calligraphy.


Successful collaboration with artists, like Iyad Naja. Set of calligraphic tables.


Art commissioned seen here in its final destination. Size 2x1 meters.


We give credit to all collaborations. Success is when people get together.

Final Product

The final product is a masterpiece of detail, craftsmanship and care. Enjoy.

Thank you